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Join Yatz

Join Yatz

Please be aware that due to the popularity of the YATZ program Taronga can only recruit new members occasionally throughout the year.

Boral Youth at the Zoo (YATZ) Mission Statement:

“Through working together we will help others to take positive actions for the conservation of wildlife and their environments.”


Boral YATZ Wait List Information

Thank you for your interest in the Taronga Boral Youth at the Zoo program for teenagers, aged 13-19 years.


Applications to join the program have closed for 2015 and the next intake will be in May 2016.

If you wish to be contacted at this time and you’d still love to join the program you MUST enter a few basic contact details into the waitlist. Click HERE to enter your details.

ONLY applicants whose details are entered into this link will be notified when the application process begins. 

 Please note, YATZ must be 13 when they apply but you may be younger to be added to this waitlist. We do intakes each year in May and November so we will be in contact with you about joining the program after you have turned 13.

 We look forward to getting in contact with you prior to the next Member intake.

YATZ @ Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Check out this page for information on renewing your YATZ membership or becoming a member at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Need to renew your YATZ membership?

YATZ membership lasts for 12 months so you’ll need to renew it each year to carry on participating in our great activities. We will contact you when it’s time to renew your membership, normally about a month before your membership is due to expire. You should also be regularly checking your Volunteer Information Centre (VIC) online.  If you’re worried you might have missed a recent renewal notification just email us at and we will check your membership for you.