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This episode takes you from Taronga to a to a great ape park in the French countryside.

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Tune in and join the international journey to bring ‘Kibali’ an adolescent gorilla to Australia to be matched with Taronga females to ensure a future for his species.  

A world wide search selected ‘Kibali’ as the best genetic and behaviour match for Taronga’s group, but will the Australian females like him?

This episode of Wild Life at the Zoo shows global breeding programs in action.

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Why did a gorilla move from France to Australia?

Why did a gorilla move from France to Australia?
Taronga’s Western Lowland Gorilla family is part of an important worldwide breeding program which insures a future for their species. The Sydney group is recognised globally for their breeding success, with our much loved Silverback, ‘Kibabu’ having sired an impressive 14 offspring.

Erna Walraven: Senior Curator

 Senior Curator
Erna’s career at the zoo has so far spanned over almost three decades. Erna is Senior Curator for both Taronga Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Jean-Pascal: La Vallee Des Singes, Curator

 La Vallee Des Singes, Curator
Jean-Pascal is the zoo Curator at La Vallee Des Singes, France. He was the head gorilla keeper until the end of 2008 when he became the General Curator. He played a very important part in helping Kibali find a home in Australia.

Lou Grossfeldt: Primate Supervisor

 Primate Supervisor
Lou’s job is to supervise the primate division at Taronga Zoo which includes managing some of mankind’s closest relatives, the Chimpanzees and Great Apes.

Lisa Ridley: Keeper, Primates

 Keeper, Primates
Lisa has worked as a primate keeper at Taronga Zoo for the last seven years. During this time she has taken the time to volunteer on several occasions.

Meet the Media Relations Officer: Danielle McGill

 Danielle McGill
Danielle McGill "When you’re flying in a freight plane and your airline ticket reads “Groom Travelling with Gorilla”, you know it isn’t going to be a typical journey!"