Bondi, the New Zealand Fur Seal

Bondi, is a New Zealand Fur Seal which was attacked by a shark in July 2013. Named ‘Bondi’ after the famous beach where he was rescued by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and Taronga Zoo vets and keepers, the youngster was brought to Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital with extensive wounds covering nearly two thirds of his body.

Bondi spent several weeks in the Wildlife Intensive Care Unit, receiving treatment for his wounds and recovering from malnourishment with a tasty diet of pilchards.

Due to his shark injuries and long rehabilitation, Bondi was unable to be released back into the open ocean but luckily found a home at Taronga's Great Southern Oceans where he’s been busy making new friends. Visitors to Taronga Zoo will be able to see Bondi, who is thought to be nearly two years old, in the waters at Seal Cove.