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Choose your seafood wisely for healthy oceans

Buy sustainable, locally caught fish

Australians want to buy sustainable, locally caught fish. But when it comes to cooked seafood served up in cafes and restaurants, Australia's weak seafood labelling laws mean we're eating in the dark - you never know what you might get.

Shark, sold as ‘flake’ and popular in fish and chip shops, could be anything from Australian-caught gummy shark to a threatened species of shark.

In fact, when you visit your seafood monger or local restaurant many popular species may not be what they seem. Many Australians think that Barramundi, flathead, snapper, red emperor, Spanish mackerel, any non-canned tuna, king prawns and whiting are Australian, but they actually may be imported.

The Label My Fish Alliance includes Australian consumers, fishers, chefs, and ocean lovers and they are demanding new seafood labelling laws that tell us:

  • The spieces
  • Where it was caught
  • The method used to catch or farm it

Get involved and tell the Australian Government you want tougher seafood labelling laws.


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