We need healthy oceans so Sea-lions like Nala have plenty of fish to eat

There may not be plenty more fish in the sea!

Oceans are ­essential for life:

  • Australian oceans provide life support for 45% of the world’s whale and dolphin species, and 20% of the world’s fish species
  • Over half the oxygen we breathe is generated by oceans
  • Oceans absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Oceans are the number one source of protein for more than a billion people across the globe

Without a healthy marine environment, our security, our economy and our very survival are at risk.

Some of the threats to marine life to include:

  • Commercial overfishing
  • Water pollution and plastic litter
  • Environmentally damaging fishing practices

Over a million different species share our oceans and many of them enjoy seafood as much as you do! With so many mouths to feed we need to ensure there is enough to go around – we need to make sure that it’s easy for Sea-lions like Nala to find food in the wild.

You can help by taking action to defend our oceans!

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