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Tiger Toy

Do your bit for Tiger conservation by adopting our Tigers. By signing up for our Tiger-doption package you support our breeding program and celebrate the birth of our three beautiful cubs.

You will receive:

  • A cuddly tiger toy (Tiger toy may vary from image depending on stock available)
  • A beautiful birth certificate including birth information and gorgeous images of all the three cubs
  • One year’s subscription to our full colour, quarterly Wild Life magazine 
  • A cuddly tiger toy
  • A Zoo Parent bumper sticker 
  • Your official sponsorship certificate 
  • Monthly emails all about what’s happening at the Zoo for a year 
  • One FREE ticket to come and visit the tigers at either Zoo

All this for ONLY $150 for a whole year!

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By becoming a Zoo Parent, you will be contributing to the Zoos’ work in protecting threatened species like the Sumatran Tigers and providing the facilities needed to support wildlife, such as the new tiger cubs, in our care.

This unique Tiger-doption package also makes an amazing gift for loved ones. It’s easy to purchase, doesn’t need to be wrapped and won’t set you back in enormous freight costs

Adopt Now

* The Tiger-doption sponsorship package is not tax-deductible.