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Taronga Wildlife Defenders in action

You may have seen our fundraising teams out and about recently. You can be sure they are working hard to support all of Taronga’s ongoing conservation programs by connecting with passionate people who want to help secure a shared future for wildlife and people.

Our team goes to different areas to connect with people each week to talk about 5 key conservation programs that Taronga supports including Sumatran Tigers, Chimpanzees, Asian Elephants, Black Rhinos, and Tasmanian Devils. But it doesn’t stop there. Our fundraisers are as passionate about wildlife as we are, and if you get a chance to talk to one, you’ll see for yourself!

Anyone who signs up to support Taronga through a regular monthly donation from either their bank account or credit card becomes a Taronga Wildlife Defender. They get regular contact from us with updates on our conservation programs and all the wonderful work that is being done thanks to their ongoing support. Taronga Wildlife Defenders also get a subscription to Wild Life magazine, our quarterly publication.

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