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Taronga's Asian Elephants

If you leave a gift in your Will you may like to consider becoming a 'Friend of the Future', joining a special group of our most committed supporters.

‘Friends of the Future’ receive invitations to special events and up-to-date news through our quarterly magazine, Wild Life.

With your permission, Taronga will also honour and acknowledge your generosity and legacy through a plaque in our ‘Partners in Conservation’ gallery’ near Taronga Zoo’s top entrance. In this way, friends and family can be comforted in the knowledge that their loved one’s values live on and are appreciated and publicly recognised.

We’d love to hear from you if you have chosen to remember Taronga in your Will so we can give you as much or as little information and involvement as you like.

Taronga kindly acknowledges Friends of the Future - Estate of the late:

Haidee Banks
Margaret Balchin
Toni Barber
Jessie Briggs
Robert & Christine Brinsley
Stanley Collins
Margaret Cox
Shirley Corder
Jacqueline Crookston
James Darbyshire
Betty Drayton
Kay Edwards
Eileen Fizpatrick
Barbara Forsyth
Agnes Golik
Marjorie Gowans
Elizabeth Hale
Glen Hogan
Rita Hore
Doreen Jefferson
Marjorie Jenkins

Melinda Knipers
Marina Koolen
Roy Leak
Janet Linnell
Jacobus Neelemaat
Wallace Newlyn
Charles Nightingale
Dawn O'Donnell
Doreen Perry
Ruby Price
Allison Stallwood
Judith Stuart
Maria-Louise Valkenburg
Marlene Verbeek
Joan Viner
Roberta Whitehead
Paul Willoughby
Ursula Wohnlich
Susan Wilmot
Nicolai Zissoff