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Taronga welcomes and encourages support from trusts, family and corporate foundations and Private Ancillary Funds.  Taronga has a wide variety of projects and programs requiring funding. All donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible for Australian residents. Taronga is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient, item 1 and item 4.

Projects Seeking Support

Sumatran Tiger Sanctuary

Supporting Taronga’s regional Sumatran Tiger breeding program and linking our conservation work in Indonesia with an immersive Tiger experience.

Visitors to Taronga’s new Indonesian-themed ‘Sumatran Tiger Sanctuary’ will be ‘transported’ to Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra to see the impact of deforestation firsthand. There will be a rainforest trail, a mobile app, identification charts and an educational virtual supermarket experience.   Taronga will advocate for a future with sustainable palm oil that conserves forests, protects species, and secures livelihoods, by improving consumer sentiment and celebrating Australian companies that source and use palm oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).


Taronga Institute of Science and Learning – a global centre of excellence for conservation

As leaders in conservation, Taronga has a strong commitment to research and a responsibility to engage and inspire future generations to become champions for wildlife.

Unique in the Southern Hemisphere, The Taronga Institute of Science and Learning will harness the power of science and learning, creating opportunities for innovation and establishing a platform for scientific collaboration, student learning and protection of our natural environment. 

  • Immersive classrooms
  • Teaching lab
  • Research lab
  • Digital Teaching space


Taronga’s Centenary Legacy

In 2016, Taronga launches its legacy for the future and for the wild. We’re dedicating the next 10 years to the conservation of 10 critical species. Five are native to Australia, like the Platypus and the Bilby, and five are on the brink of extinction in Sumatra – a biodiversity hotspot of critical natural importance right on Australia’s doorstep.

We believe that with your help, every species can not only survive but thrive. Help us raise $1 million dollars to kick-start a lifetime commitment to conserve these 10 precious species.

Making The Waves Safe

This project will develop a new shark deterrent technology to protect surfers.  Building on our recent discovery that white sharks do not attach light emitting seal-shaped decoys and using new information about shark vision to understand why this ‘camouflage’ is so successful. The project will help protect threatened shark species by reducing reliance on culling programs and to keep people safe in the water.


Casestudy : Amphibian conservation work

The Wilson HTM Foundation supported the Taronga Conservation Society Australia’s frog breeding and research programs at Taronga Zoo.  In 2007 and 2008 the program supported the zoo breeding and release of two endangered frog species: the Booroolong and the Corroboree Frog.  In 2009, support was directed to a ground-breaking inoculation program to protect frogs against the devastating global Chytrid Fungus. These three years of support have directly impacted on the chances of survival of these endangered native amphibians, and we are thankful for Wilson HTM Foundation’s financial support as well as the wonderful interest and engagement of Wilson HTM staff with Taronga. It was a hugely successful three year partnership.

“The Wilson HTM Foundation has been delighted to partner with an institution of the international reputation and prestige of Taronga. It is wonderful that the Society has the foresight and planning to effectively identify projects which can benefit from relatively small donations. Through our partnership we have really been able to make a tangible contribution to their work and share in Taronga’s research success. Our staff are immensely proud of the relationship, which has enabled them and their clients to engage at many levels with the Zoo across many years.” Mary Jung, Community Investment Manager, Wilson HTM Investment Group. 


More information

If you would like to discuss how trusts and foundations can be involved with Taronga, please contact Holly Carless, Grants Manager on 02 9932 4239 or email hcarless@zoo.nsw.gov.au


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