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B: Be supportive and enthusiastic

This award acknowledges volunteers who go above and beyond to support our people and show outstanding enthusiasm in the execution of their role.

Highly Commended

Patricia Myers



Patricia has been nominated for her enthusiasm and commitment to her role as a volunteer, particularly in assisting in the nursery.

She always has a positive attitude and thinks of ways to increase productivity in the nursery.


Lesley Abrahams



Lesley received multiple nominations for awards across all categories. She was nominated for being thorough in all over her dealings, her commitment to the  Zoo, its staff and her fellow volunteers.

Everyone mentioned how Lesley always goes above and beyond, is very warm and helpful and definitely always enthusiastic.



A: Accept and take responsibility

This award recognises volunteers who go out of their way to accept and take responsibility which results in excellent customer service for our visitors and builds positive, strong relationships between our people.

Highly Commended

Steven Hollier



For regularly volunteering his valuable time, and assisting the Education team in any task they may need assistance on.

Stephen always happily takes on new roles with a smile on his face, and can do attitude, which the staff greatly appreciate.


Nancy Lander



For her strong commitment to her volunteering, particularly in booking in of coach tours, and assisting with roster of early morning walks.

Nancy always ensures that these are done efficiently and are well managed. Nancy makes volunteering at the Zoo more enjoyable for others by using her wonderful organisation skills, making things run seamlessly.



S: Show dignity and respect

This award pays tribute to volunteers who are committed to being honest, accountable, and transparent and who treat each person as they expect to be treated.

Highly Commended

Bob Browne



For his assistance to the Education team with bus driving. Bob is always very helpful, supportive and flexible, and happy to help out whenever he can.

The education team really value his help.


Janne Doyle



Janne was nominated multiple times for these awards. She was nominated for her commitment and enthusiasm in assisting with the nursery kitchen, and also for handling the finances for the volunteer monthly BBQ’s.

Janne always greets people with a smile, and is a great communicator.



I: Innovate and take initiative

This award highlights volunteers who stand out from the crowd because of their willingness to use their initiative or embrace changes that will lead to the realisation of our Vision.

Highly Commended

Mary Davis









For her dedication and high standard of work in the Nursery Kitchen team, since it began over 5 years ago. Mary completed all tasks assigned to her to a very high standard, and is very engaging to all staff, students and Zoo visitors.

Mary also always nurtures new volunteers and YATZ.


Jess Barkley


For her passion and dedication to the animals and team at TWPZ. Jess has been volunteering her since completing her TTI course, and travels to Dubbo from Sydney almost weekly to support our animals.

She has created many enrichment masterpieces since volunteering here, some of which have featured on the Zoo’s social media pages.

Her enthusiasm is always noticed and appreciated by our staff.



C: Clear and simple

This award celebrates those volunteers that are committed to finding effective, creative, clear and simple ways of carrying out their role.

Highly Commended

Neil Lander



For his wonderful ongoing commitment to volunteering at the Zoo.

Neil is the coordinator of the coach tours, and greatly assists our admissions team with this. He has a very straight forward approach and makes processes easy for staff and visitors.

He also has a great amount of Zoo knowledge that he is always happy to share with everyone.


Greg O’Mally



Greg is a very helpful, dedicated and hard working volunteer. He is friendly and polite to his fellow volunteers, Zoo staff and zoo visitors.

He is always willing to lend a hand, and regularly steps up to new positions in the volunteer committee to assist whenever possible. His contribution and support of the volunteer, through his hard work on the committee ensures the smooth running of lots of the day to day organisation of this group.