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B: Be supportive and enthusiastic

This award acknowledges volunteers who go above and beyond to support our people and show outstanding enthusiasm in the execution of their role.



Brune Letellier – Learning & Development

Highly Commended

Rebecca O’Connor – Bird Show


Aimee Daigle - Bush Regeneration

Bernadette Heeps - Behavioural Studies Unit

Dale Harley - Behavioural Studies Unit

Deb Udy - Bush Regeneration - Curlew Artist Bush Camp

Debbie Collins - Taronga Wildlife Hospital

Di Shirling - Bush Regeneration - Curlew Artist Bush Camp

Doug McDonald - Bush Regeneration - Curlew Artist Bush Camp

Emma Cooke - Bush Regeneration

Jacob Leto - Carnivores

James Wardle - Bush Regeneration - Curlew Artist Bush Camp

Jeff Friedman - Behavioural Studies Unit

Karen Scott - Exotic Fauna

Lesa Catliffe - Bush Regeneration

Lorraine Mitchell - Guest Experience

Margaret Hawkins Bush Regeneration - Curlew Artist Bush Camp

Marion Arnott - Zoo Friends

Michaela McLennan - Backyard to Bush

Nancy Brogan Bush Regeneration - Curlew Artist Bush Camp

Raihana Kapusta - Bush Regeneration

Robert Gillam - Primates/Ungulates

Robyn Hodgson - Guest Experience

Rosemary McColl - Bush Regeneration - Curlew Artist Bush Camp

Seth Cornwall - Guest Experience

Simon Wardle - Bush Regeneration - Curlew Artist Bush Camp

Sonja Girazova - Bush Regeneration



A: Accept and take responsibility

This award recognises volunteers who go out of their way to accept and take responsibility which results in excellent customer service for our visitors and builds positive, strong relationships between our people.


Eilish Sullivan – Taronga Training Institute


David Blair – Guest Experience

Highly Commended

Wendy Mitchell – Education


Andrea Turner - People & Learning

Carolyn Anderson - Guest Experience

Dick Gall - Guest Experience

Graham Faichney - Behavioural Studies Unit

Ian Maynard - Media Relations

Imogen Palmer - Backyard to Bush

Irene Swil - Guest Experience

Kate Semken – Carnivores

Linda Critchley - Guest Experience

Liz Hind - Guest Experience

Alan Hind - Guest Experience

Robyn Hodgson - Guest Experience



S: Show dignity and respect

This award pays tribute to volunteers who are committed to being honest, accountable, and transparent and who treat each person as they expect to be treated.


Tara Anderson - Carnivores

Highly Commended

Lucy Griffiths – Taronga Wildlife Hospital


Aileen Leddy - Backyard to Bush

Andrea Turner - People & Learning

Brune Letellier - Learning and Development

Jane Tebbat – Education

John Carroll - Carnivores

John Pringle - Backyard to Bush

Karin Brown - Behavioural Studies Unit

Maddie Dockrill - Taronga Training Institute

Pauline Gibbs - Guest Experience

Tom Branighan - Bird Show



I: Innovate and take initiative

This award highlights volunteers who stand out from the crowd because of their willingness to use their initiative or embrace changes that will lead to the realisation of our Vision.



Chris Wenborn


Robin Lovie – Guest Services

Highly Commended

The Education Committee – Robin Lovie, Peter Walker, Joe Carey, Pam Lord


Barbara Freitas - Taronga Wildlife Hospital

Fred Peterson – Carnivores

Janet Leung - Primates/Ungulates

Laura Howell - Bird Show

Yvette Geczy - Taronga 100



C: Clear and simple

This award celebrates those volunteers that are committed to finding effective, creative, clear and simple ways of carrying out their role.


Zoe Withers – Bird Show


Juliana Goncalves - Education


Sam Choukchouk – Behavioural Studies Unit