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Any currently active Taronga Volunteer can now access all of our systems via this page!

Just click on the links below to log your volunteer hours, update your information, add a photo of yourself, check out contact details here at the zoo and join our Volunteer Facebook page.

If you have any issues or would like to give us some feedback or see anything added to this page, please contact us on 

To log your volunteer hours, update your information and upload a photo of yourself:




To complete your mandatory Taronga eLearning modules, please click the link below.
Your Log In : Your personal email address
Your Password : If you have not previously logged in and set your own, your password will be - Welcome1
If you have any issues logging in or with completing your modules, please contact 




If you've already been set up on our wonderful communications platform this is where you can log in :-) 


If you're not already set up and would like to check it out - contact the Volunteer Support Team on volunteer@zoo.nsw.gov.au 


Volunteer Feedback Form:

We have an open form where we encourage our volunteers to provide us with their feedback, comments and suggestions regarding our volunteer programs :-) 

This can be anonymous or if you'd like, you can provide your details and request for us to get in touch to discuss your valuable input.