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Anders Alexander : Dazzle




Anders Alexander



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Rhino Sculpture Location

Western Plains Cultural Centre
76 Wingewarra Street, Dubbo NSW

Rhino Inspiration

Dazzle is inspired by alternative forms of camouflage found in both the natural and man-made world. Animals with striking, bold patterns like the zebra are thought to employ a "motion dazzle" when moving rapidly, making it hard for predators to define their speed, distance and direction, particularly when in groups.

During World War II, the US Navy also investigated adding bold, contrasting, stripes, curves and abstract shapes to help break up the outline of warships. It was thought this would similarly confuse the enemy if encountered at close range. This "Dazzle" series of designs aims to employ a similar concept to the rhino sculpture in the urban environment. Using pop colours, a variety of abstract shapes and patterns overlaid each other, this camouflage aims to break up the overall form and outline of the rhino, hopefully dazzling the passing viewer!!

Artist statement

Born in 1982, Anders Alexander was raised and educated in Sydney, receiving a bachelor of Industrial Design from UNSW in 2005. He has since worked primarily as a graphic designer, occasionally finding time to produce his own art and design work.
Anders works closely with animals, and people who care for animals, leading to a solid understanding and admiration of the natural world. His background in product design however, combined with an obsession of pop culture, the built environment and technology informs a stark contrast in his work.