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<h2>Anson Street Public School</h2><p>Anson Street School is a K-12 school for students with a disability. There are approximately 90 students currently enrolled. Students with intellectual, physical disabilities or mental health attend our school. Students have access to extra curricular activities such as sailing, viticulture and technology.</p><p><strong>Website:<br></strong><a href="http://www.ansonst-s.schools.nsw.edu.au/" target="_blank">www.ansonst-s.schools.nsw.edu.au</a></p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Name:</h2><p>Rosie&nbsp;</p><h2>Rhino Inspiration:</h2><p>We decided to use handprints as this allowed most of our students to participate in this project. The students were happy to have their hands painted and then placed on Rosie. The students enjoyed seeing their hands on the rhino! The idea of the saddle is based upon Indian elephants in fancy costume. The initial impression when you first look at Rosie is of an elephant, but upon closer inspection you recognise a rhino.</p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Location:</h2><p>Centro Lennox</p>