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<h2>Central Coast Grammar School</h2><p>Central Coast Grammar School is an independent, K-12, coeducational, nondenominational school with a Christian ethos. Established in 1985, the school offers a broad education to its 1150 students. Situated on a single 17 hectare campus at Erina Heights, 1.5 hours north of Sydney, CCGS enjoys a magnificent setting and first class facilities.</p><p><strong>Website:<br></strong><a href="http://www.ccgs.nsw.edu.au/" target="_blank">www.ccgs.nsw.edu.au</a></p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Name:</h2><p>Rocky the Rhino</p><h2>Rhino Inspiration:</h2><p>Solving a Rubik's Cube may seem to be impossible, in fact most people give up on it after playing with it for only a few minutes. Some people, however, are willing to solve the problem at hand, no matter how long it takes. The children at CCGS, are determined to persist and work hard to raise awareness for the remaining 4880 Black Rhinos...no matter how long it takes.</p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Location:</h2><p>Centro Roselands</p>