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<div style="float: right;"><a href="/wild-rhinos/webform/taronga-wild-rhinos-auction">[nodepicker==image==11277==content-image==image-inline==no-lightbox====no-caption] </a></div><h2>Artist</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;">Beastman</p><h2>Title</h2><p>Elemental Awareness</p><h2>Proudly Sponsored By</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;">[nodepicker==link==node/11045==Ray%20White%20Unlimited%20and%201st%20Street%20Home%20Loans==Ray%20White%20Unlimited%20and%201st%20Street%20Home%20Loans] </p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Location</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;">Oxford St Mall, Bondi Junction</p><h2>Rhino Inspiration</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;">Inspired by patterns and geometric forms found in nature, this design is made up of colours representing the different elements - earth, wind, fire, water and spirit - which when brought together visually in this way portray life itself.</p><h2>Artist statement</h2><p>Beastman is an artist based in Sydney. Influenced by the beauty and symbolism behind nature's repetitive geometric patterns and organic lines, Beastman's tightly detailed, abstract, often symmetrical paintings depict a parallel world of hope and survival inhabited by his beastlike yet beautiful and emotive characters.<br><br> One of the most distinctive and prolific emerging artists in Australia, and one third of creative group The Hours, Beastman has exhibited extensively throughout Australia, as well as in the UK, USA, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand. He has curated and organised numerous art exhibitions and projects, has designed graphics for various brands including Element, The Art Park, Longview, Stone &amp; Wood and Smirnoff, and has also been commissioned to create artwork for Hyundai, Red Bull, Campaign Monitor, Mini, Facebook, Tiger Beer and Huawei.<br><br> Beastman was named Best Artist at the 2010 Sydney Music, Arts &amp; Culture (SMAC) Awards and his large mural works can be found all over Australia and in London, Berlin, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and New York.</p><h2><strong>Sculpture Details</strong></h2><p><strong>Type :&nbsp;</strong>Large (adult)</p><p><strong>Measurements</strong> : 1340mm (h) x 2250mm (l) x 800mm (w)</p><p><strong>Weight </strong>: Approximately 60Kg</p>