<div style="float: right;"><a href="/wild-rhinos/webform/taronga-wild-rhinos-auction">[nodepicker==image==11277==content-image==image-inline==no-lightbox====no-caption] </a></div><h2>Artist</h2><p>Gloria Torres <a href="http://www.goyatorres.com" target="_blank">www.goyatorres.com</a></p><h2>Title</h2><p>Fragility</p><h2>Proudly Sponsored By</h2><p>[nodepicker==link==node/11034==Sponsor%20%3A%20Hotel%20Steyne==Hotel%20Steyne] </p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Location</h2><p>Manly Corso</p><h2>Rhino Inspiration</h2><p>“Fragility” takes a critical view on how humanity has impacted on the survival of the rhino and other endangered species close to extinction.</p><p>It portrays the fragile contrast of life and death: On the back of the rhino the visible bones underneath the torn skin symbolise death and extinction, on the front the art-line shows the over-delicate nature of their existence.</p><h2>Artist statement</h2><p>Gloria Torres, aka Goya Torres is an illustrator, graphic designer and emerging visual artist who relocated permanently to Sydney 3 years ago, a change that unleashed her passion to create artworks that represent her ideas very close to her roots back in south Mexico, through bright colours and vivid characters.<br><br>Now based in Manly, she distributes her time between design/illustration for educational companies and her art practice. Artistically she draws inspiration from her heritage, identity and traditions of Mexican culture, nature, street art and pop surrealism. She prefers to work with traditional media such as oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolours on canvas and paper.<br><br>She is very interested to continue working on commissions, murals or other projects that involve the community and contribute to a positive impact on social, educational and ecological issues.</p><h2><strong>Sculpture Details</strong></h2><p><strong>Type :&nbsp;</strong>Large (adult)</p><p><strong>Measurements</strong> : 1340mm (h) x 2250mm (l) x 800mm (w)</p><p><strong>Weight </strong>: Approximately 60Kg</p>