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[nodepicker==image==11252==content-image==image-right==no-lightbox====no-caption] <p>&nbsp;</p><h2>Artist</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;">Meredith Besseling and the Kennards Hire Team</p><h2>Title</h2><p>The Hatching</p><h2>Proudly Sponsored By</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;"><a href="" target="_blank">Kennards Hire</a></p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Location</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;">York Street (footpath near Wynyard Park)&nbsp;</p><h2>Rhino Inspiration</h2><p>The rhino is hatching out of an egg into a myriad of colours, representing hope for the future of the Rhino and that we can help the process of protecting and growing the numbers of wild Rhinos.</p><h2>Artists Statement&nbsp;</h2><p>Meredith Besseling is currently studying Visual Communications at the University of Technology Sydney. Having completed one year of Photographic and Situated Media, also at UTS, Meredith realised that Graphic Design and Typography was a greater passion for her.</p><p>Through her childhood her artistic flair was identified by her father Allen and was encouraged by her mother from a young age.&nbsp; She then decided to study her passion to enable herself to develop her artistic skills into a field she can work in.&nbsp; Holding a GPA of above 3, Meredith has been able to secure herself some successful internships, the latest being with one of Sydney’s leading brand agencies “Principals” Meredith’s aim is to gain further experience in the professional field of design so that she may develop her existing skills and add many more to her repertoire.</p>