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<h2>Rutherford Public School</h2><p>Rutherford Public School is a happy and safe place for learning, it is physically attractive and offers wheelchair access to almost the whole school. Our school works with students, staff and community to strive towards a happy and safe school in which to work and play.</p><p><strong>Website:<br></strong><a href="http://www.rutherford-p.schools.nsw.edu.au/%20" target="_blank">www.rutherford-p.schools.nsw.edu.au</a></p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Name:</h2><p>Ras - (Afrikaans for Breed)</p><h2>Rhino Inspiration:</h2><p>Our rhino represents the present and the future. The present shows a lone rhino grazing on the African plains. It is alone because they are rare and endangered. The other side shows the grim future with only rhino graves in the shape of rhino horns as the horn is what they are usually killed for. This is to remind people what will happen if we don’t act now.</p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Location:</h2><p>Carlingford Court</p>