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<h2>St Pius X Catholic Primary School</h2><p>St. Pius is part of a witnessing Catholic community that includes the school community of staff, children and parents, the Parish and the wider community. Catholic values are enunciated and practised to create an atmosphere of love that provides children with a safe and secure environment of total acceptance where they can develop their spirituality, individuality and potential.</p><p><strong>Website:<br></strong><a href="http://www.stpiusxdubbo.catholic.edu.au/%20" target="_blank">www.stpiusxdubbo.catholic.edu.au</a></p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Name:</h2><p>Ikechi - African for 'God's strength'</p><h2>Rhino Inspiration:</h2><p>Our wish was for a design that every student in our school could be part of. Every class, K-6, were involved in researching and learning about endangered animals, and in particular the rhino's. Each student then chose their favourite endangered animal to illustrate. Each illustration was drawn onto a postage stamp outline. The postage stamp design was developed from the idea that the rhino sculpture would travel from place to place on its stampede, just like a parcel or a letter. All of the postage stamp designs were then collaged to cover the rhino statue.</p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Location:</h2><p>Centro Lennox</p>