Jamillas tooth

So, when a big cat breaks her tooth, how do you think it makes her feel? I know when I need a filling (I’ve only had two) it felt sore to eat chocolate, and I love chocolate!

Well, the keepers in the Carnivore Team noticed that Jumilah, the female Sumatran Tiger, was only chewing on one side of her mouth and decided to work out why. They looked closely around her exhibit and they could easily see the problem.

She had a broken tooth on one side! Keeper Tamara took a photo of it! It must have hurt a lot and the keepers knew if Jumilah couldn’t eat properly she would lose weight and get sick. So they had to call in the experts.

The vets at Taronga worked with a special animal dentist, called Nadine, to look at and fix Jumilah’s sore tooth!

You can watch the You Tube video made in the Vet's Operating Room while Jumilah had her tooth fixed below.