Taronga Western Plains Zoo welcomed a new Director.
To celebrate his first birthday, Keepers prepared Sabai some special treats to enjoy on exhibit alongside his mother, Thong Dee, and aunty, Porntip!
On 20 October, Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s three Cheetah juvenile cubs turned one!
Taronga Western Plains Zoo is pleased to announce the arrival of two healthy litters of Tasmanian Devil joeys.
Our Bongo breeding program has been given an exciting boost! We will soon be introducing a new female, Maisha, to the Zoo’s male Bongo for mating.
Proving all good things come in threes, Taronga Western Plains Zoo has welcomed a third healthy Giraffe calf for the breeding season! The birth follows the arrival of two male Giraffe calves in August - Zuberi and Kibo.
World Rhino Day 2017 has kicked off in full swing, with the news that one of our Black Rhino females, Bakhita, has been confirmed pregnant with her third calf!
We have kicked off development for a 110-hectare breeding sanctuary for the Greater Bilby here at Taronga Western Plains Zoo!
There’s a jam-packed agenda for Zoo Adventures at Taronga Western Plains Zoo these Spring holidays!
Animal urine has a number of uses around the world. But here at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, we use it as part of our olfactory enrichment activities – an excitement of the senses for our animals!