A five-week-old Boobook Owl was found orphaned at a children’s playground in Sydney’s Killara and brought to Taronga Wildlife Hospital this week.
Taronga Zoo Sydney has welcomed the successful birth of a significant baby Chimpanzee!
Taronga Zoo’s Meerkat mob continues to grow, with keepers celebrating the birth of the first litter of playful pups this year.
Taronga Zoo today announced the welcome birth of a male Western Lowland Gorilla. The adorable baby was born to mum Mbeli and father Kibali on Friday 1st September at 1.40pm. He will be named in coming weeks.
Taronga Zoo is thrilled to announce the pregnancy of our Australian Sea-Lion, Lexie.
Back in March this year, Taronga Zoo took in five Green Sea Turtles who had all been orphaned and found washed up on Sydney beaches around the time of heavy storms early in the year.
Taronga Zoo is thrilled to announce that Sumatran Tigers have returned, and invites you to discover the four in our care at the exciting new Tiger Trek!
What happens on a typical work day at Taronga? Dr Karrie Rose, Manager of the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health, takes us behind the scenes of a ‘typical’ day at the office.
Keeper Imogen explains why Taronga’s Short-beaked Echidna breeding program is so special, and the bizarre mating ritual she is watching for.
Jai Dee is growing in confidence, learning to swim and eat. Keeper Gabe tells us which foods Jai Dee is starting to try and just how many muscles he is learning to control in his trunk!