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Squirrel Monkey Jungle Walk

This immersive exhibit allows visitors to observe the inquisitive natural behaviours of Squirrel Monkeys closer than ever before. No two experiences will be alike as these monkeys warm to their new home and leap from the treetops.

Taronga Zoo CEO Cameron Kerr describes the new exhibit, “the new space has gigantic climbing towers, swinging ropes, flowing water and mature trees for our Squirrel Monkey family. Guests will walk along a boardwalk through the exhibit where they get a chance to see the monkeys like never before.”

The whole troop is involved during playtime, which is also encouraged by daily animal enrichment activities led by keepers. They will leave no stone unturned as they engage with all levels of their exhibit, which can also be seen from above when visitors take a ride in the Sky Safari.

Taronga Zoo Primate Keeper Renae Robinson says “These little animals are social creatures that spend their days foraging through the trees, resting in their huddles, playing and enjoying the sunshine. 

There is so much activity in the group and their play is gorgeous to watch. They are super speedy and love to chase each other. With baby Squirrel Monkeys only very recently being born, it is an exciting time for our guests to visit.”

The Squirrel Monkey Jungle Walk is open to the public just in time for the Summer School Holidays!


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