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Australian Sea-lion Nala with Cameron Kerr and May Nunn

Australian Sea-lion Nala with Cameron Kerr and May Nunn

Australian Sea-lion, Nala, today helped introduce Taronga’s Fish4Life Campaign on MSC’s Sustainable Seafood Day to help the community boost sustainable seafood consumption.

The announcement combined the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) blue Ecolabel for sustainable seafood products, public education programs, a new simple Facebook application and a celebration of Taronga’s Café Harbourview’s sustainable seafood meals.

The Café Harbourview is the first in Australia to gain MSC Chain of Custody certification allowing it to bear the ecolabel next to certified seafood products on its menu after the Zoo’s catering partner, Compass Group, recently completed the rigorous certification process.

The Zoo is also partnering with Woolworths in the Fish4Life campaign to help reduce the unsustainable pressure on the world’s fisheries which are relied on by half of the world’s seven billion people for some part of their diet and nutrition.

Taronga’s Director and CEO, Cameron Kerr, said: “This is a must-do for humans and marine creatures. By working with the MSC and Woolworths, and using the opportunities at Taronga’s seal presentation we can reach thousands of our visitors with simple ways they can help. “By liking our facebook page and looking for the blue MSC Ecolabel in Woolworths and other outlets, people can make sure Nala and other remarkable marine creatures have enough to eat, while ensuring seafood is available to us humans to enjoy.”

“The sea’s resources are not infinite and we can help safeguard wild fish stocks if we make some simple choices because Nala needs Fish4Life just like us humans. Just buying MSC certified seafood at Taronga Café Harbourview is contributing.”

MSC Manager, Patrick Caleo, said: “The MSC congratulates Taronga and Woolworths on its Fish4Life campaign on Sustainable Seafood Day. This initiative provides consumers with an easy guide to buy sustainable seafood, and a meaningful way for them to help safeguard fish stocks for future generations. We also congratulate Café Harbourview on its certification because for the first time in Australia consumers will see the blue MSC ecolabel on a restaurant menu.

Tjeerd Jegen, Director of Woolworths Supermarkets said: "We are a proud partner of Taronga Conservation Society Australia.  Together we support and promote the Fish4Life project which aims to inform our customers about more sustainable seafood choices.  Demand for seafood is increasing as customers look for healthier meal options.  The Fish4Life project is an important way to empower customers with information to ensure the supply of seafood is sustainable well into the future."

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