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Meerkat pups at three weeks old

Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are excited by the arrival of two Meerkat pups, born overnight on 15 December 2012. 

This is the fifth litter of pups for experience mother, Umi who has been keeping a close eye on her offspring as they emerge from the den and explore their surroundings.

Keepers have named the female Meerkat, Zola, meaning love and the male Meerkat Kato, meaning second born of twins in an African language.

 “The first couple of weeks of the Meerkat pups life are in the den until they open their eyes and are a little stronger, at which point they start to emerge,” said Keeper Karen Ellis.

“The two Meerkat pups are doing well and Umi is displaying all the right maternal behaviours, which is great to see,” said Karen.

Both Umi and father, Maputo play an important role in rearing the pups, along with the other members of the troop, who assist with caring for and protecting the pups as they grow and develop.

The Meerkat pups can be seen on exhibit with the rest of the troop which now comprises of 11 Meerkats in total.

“A great time to see the Meerkat pups as well as the other members of the troop is at the daily keeper talk and feed at 9:50am,” said Karen.

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