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Przewalski's Horse foal Feb 2013

Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo have double the reason to celebrate with two Przewalski’s Horse foals born just three days apart.

One foal was born on 29 January, 2013 and the second on 1 February, 2013.  Both foals are fillies and will one day grow up to take part in the important breeding program for this critically endangered species.

Mothers, Genghis and Suren, are showing all the right maternal behaviours in caring for their offspring, and keepers have witnessed the foals feeding well from the time they were able to stand.

“Both foals are quite outgoing and enjoy a little gallop around the paddock and after a drink, have a nap in the sun at their mothers’ feet,” said Keeper Jackie Stuart.

“This is Genghis’s second foal so she is taking it all in her stride and is less concerned and protective of her offspring whilst Suren being a first-time mum is being kept on her toes with her very curious foal,” said Jackie.

Keepers have named one of the foals ‘Zaria’, meaning ‘sunrise’ in Russian, as foals are often born in the early morning.  

“Whilst we have named one of the foals, we are welcoming suggestions from members of the public via our Facebook page on a name for the second foal.”

“The foal to be named is a curious but outgoing female and suggestions should also reflect the origin of the species being Mongolian or Russian,” said Jackie.

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