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White Rhino pair

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has welcomed the arrival of an adult female White Rhino, called Likewizi, from Werribee Zoo in Victoria.

Likewizi has joined the Zoo’s resident female White Rhino, Mopani,after a standard quarantine period to familiarise herself with the new complex.

The pair has been together for just over a week and have been doing well ever since.  The two rhinos will stay together now full time.  It is hoped that in approximately six months time a bull will be introduced to the group for breeding.

“Mopani and Likewizi are getting along like best friends.  There was little interaction from the pair during the introduction which is to be expected when introducing two females,” said Senior White Rhino keeper, Pascale Benoit.

“Whilst we didn’t anticipate for any issues during the introduction, we have been carefully planning this process over the past month to ensure it all goes smoothly,” said Pascale.

“Likewizi was originally from Taronga Western Plains Zoo before being transferred to Werribee Zoo in 1989.  She has now returned to her home which is particularly special for one keeper who assisted with her transportation in 1989,” said Pascale.

Likewizi joins Mopani as the Zoo starts the re-building phase for the White Rhino herd following the tragic passing of four White Rhinos last year.

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