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Male Giraffe calf

Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are excited by the arrival of a male Giraffe calf, born on Wednesday 19 June 2013 in the afternoon in the night yards.

This Giraffe calf is the seventh calf for mother, Tulli and was sired by father Unami, the main breeding male for the Zoo’s Giraffe herd.

“Tulli is a very experienced mother, very relaxed and is showing all the right maternal behaviours caring for her calf,” said Keeper, Kevin Milton.

“Tulli was born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in 1997 and has played a major role in the breeding program to date.  It is hoped that in the future once the new calf is old enough, that he will also play an important role in the regional breeding program,” said Kevin.

The Giraffe calf is yet to be named and the Zoo is seeking assistance from the public, asking for name suggestions via the Zoo’s facebook page.  Name suggestions must reflect the African origin of Giraffe and have a meaning that reflects their natural history.  Suggestions are welcomed up until 10 July.

“The calf was born in the early afternoon and was up on its feet within less than an hour and suckling,” said Kevin.

“At just one day old the calf went out on to exhibit with the rest of the herd and has been settling in well,” said Kevin.

Giraffe calves are generally 170cm when born and weigh approximately 70kg.  This recent birth now brings the Zoo’s herd to 10 with an additional three males on the African Savannah exhibit.

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