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Tasmanian Devil enjoys an ice block

Summer is definitely being felt across Central Western NSW with temperatures hovering around 38 degrees for several days.

Whilst some of the animals are use to the hot weather, others enjoy cooling off to beat the heat. Zoo Keepers have many ways to keep the animals comfortable when the temperature soars.

“Today our Tasmanian Devils are receiving a ‘blood-cicile,’ an ice block full of frozen meaty treats, whilst the primates enjoy fruity ice blocks and our elephants receive frozen wheat germ in a tree log,” said Melanie Friedman.

“Ice blocks are a great way to treat your animals on those hotter days. People can do this at home as well for their dog or cat, simply by freezing some of their treats into an iceblock.”

“The animals often like to lick the cold surface of the ice blocks, so it sometimes takes them a while to get through it,” said Melanie.   

“Other animals at the Zoo really enjoy the hot weather as it is an opportunity to spend some time wallowing in the mud, or go for a swim in the water bodies in their exhibit,” said Melanie.

The Zoo provides a number of ways for the animals to cool down during the hot weather including wallows for all three Rhino species, swimming pools for the Elephants, irrigation that sprays across exhibits for many of the animals as well as misting systems for Tasmanian Devils.

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