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Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are celebrating a special birthday today, as its oldest Giraffe turns 24.

Andrea was born at Honolulu Zoo in 1985 and was transported from Hawaii to Australia when she was just one year old and has been a resident in Dubbo ever since.

Over the years Andrea has established herself as a popular animal at the Zoo with keepers and visitors alike, due to her placid and friendly nature.

“Andrea is a very good natured Giraffe who loves interacting with people.  She is always one of the first Giraffes to come over at the Giraffes in Focus encounter each day,” said Keeper Simone Low.

“Andrea is the oldest of three generations of Giraffe which are all on exhibit together at the Zoo.  Hopefully there will be a fourth generation to join the herd this spring, as keepers have their fingers crossed that Andrea is pregnant.”

“The Zoo is well known for its breeding success with Giraffe and Andrea has played a vital role in this success.”

“As a special birthday treat we’ve organised a carrot cake and some slices of bread which are Andrea’s favourite for her to enjoy,” said Simone.

In the wild Giraffe live between 20 and 25 years while in captivity their lifespan increases to approximately 28 years due to the high standard of care.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has 12 Giraffe in total with nine on the main exhibit and three on the African Savannah.  The best time to see the Giraffe up close is during the Giraffes in Focus encounter in the morning.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is located in Dubbo in Central Western NSW and is open everyday from 9am to 4pm.  For more information about the Zoo contact 68811400 or visit

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