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"Taronga’s Francois Langur keepers were saddened to discover this morning that Saigon’s male infant had passed away overnight.

Whilst all signs were good for the infant, unfortunately life and death are part of the realities that Zoo Keepers and Veterinarians deal with every day.

A post mortem examination conducted this morning found he was quite underweight for his age and appeared not to have been receiving enough milk from his mother. Further tests are being conducted.

Saigon is still a young and a relatively inexperienced mother, but she made good progress with the Keepers' hands-off approach, allowing her to further develop her mothering skills.

We recently received a male and female Francois Langur from Beijing which will join our breeding program for this critically endangered species. This female is an experienced mother and we hope that she helps Saigon learn the parenting skills she needs to successfully raise her offspring in the future.

The new state-of-the art digital x-ray equipment purchased by the late Miss Crookston was very important in helping Keepers plan for his arrival."

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