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The Zoo keeper injured yesterday at Taronga remains stable in Royal North Shore Hospital today.

Her family has told us we can confirm the keeper is Lucy Melo,  40, and have asked that their privacy continue to be respected.

The Zoo’s elephant herd, including the young male calf Pathi Harn, 2, which was involved in yesterday’s incident,  is calm and well and in the elephant paddock as usual.

The elephant keepers are caring for the herd and continuing the normal daily activities to support the elephants, including Pathi Harn.

The investigation launched yesterday is continuing but no results are expected for some time.

The Zoo’s Director and CEO, Cameron Kerr, said:  “We’re all relieved to hear Lucy’s condition remains stable and we’re continuing to provide support for her family and her fellow keepers, while we continue our programs for the whole herd.” 

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