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Taronga Western Plains Zoo is celebrating three big birthdays, with the Zoo’s African Lions all turning 10.

Sisters Njeri and Shinyanga turn 10 today while male Lion Jasiri hit double figures late last month.  The African Lions are popular residents at the Zoo and constantly amaze visitors with their prowess and strength. 

To mark this special occasion, keepers have prepared a treat for the African Lions to devour – its not a traditional birthday cake, rather an enrichment feed. 

“We have prepared a special birthday treat for the trio to celebrate turning 10 years old - it’s one of our enrichment items filled with all their favourite meats,” said keeper John Davis. 

“The Lions really enjoy enrichment activities as it encourages natural behaviours and stimulates them both physically and mentally.” 

“The three of them are quite different in terms of their personalities. Jasiri is quite aggressive, whilst Njeri is very clever and Shinyanga is more submissive however, they will all be excited about what’s in store for them today,” said John. 

The African Lions are an iconic animal at the Zoo and one of the most popular animals with visitors so it is only fitting that the occasion be marked with a celebration. 

Njeri, Shinyanga and Jasiri arrived at Taronga Western Plains Zoo approximately seven years ago, together the trio make up a spectacular pride. 

Lions usually live until they are up to 20 years of age in captivity, so they are only middle age and have many more birthdays to come. 

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is located at Dubbo in Central Western NSW.  The Zoo is open everyday from 9am – 4pm.  For more information contact 02 6881 1400 or visit

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