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Taronga Zoo is delighted to have been chosen as Sydney’s Favourite Attraction in a Sydney Chamber of Commerce survey.

The Zoo’s General Manager Marketing, Guest and Commercial Operations, Paul Davies said today: “The Zoo’s presentation of wildlife with practical conservation messages for our visitors in a stunning natural setting makes a day at the Zoo not only a great experience for everyone but one in which people can contribute to a sustainable future for wildlife.”

“Also, we are nine years into our 12 year Master Plan redevelopment which has provided a huge range of new wildlife experiences for our visitors whether a simple day out with over 2000 remarkable creatures or the Roar and Snore experience where people sleep overnight in the zoo.”

“We have focussed on sharing our work for wildlife education, conservation, research and breeding with our visitors so their time with us is one of enjoyable discovery”

“The huge public interest in the birth of Australia’s first elephant calf Luk Chai in July has reinforced the affection that the people of Sydney have for Taronga Zoo and its work for wildlife.”

“Our keepers report the joy and excitement with which the public greeted the calf and the outstanding support they are showing for the Zoos’ conservation efforts for Asian wildlife.”

Mr Davies said there was a great hunger among people to discover more about elephants and other endangered wildlife, with over 32,000 people suggesting names for the calf.

The Sydney Chamber of Commerce 2009 survey found Taronga was the city’s favourite attraction (24 %) followed by the Sydney Opera House (22%) and the Sydney Harbour Bridge/Bridge Climb (18%).

Mr Davies said: “We also provide ways for people to be directly involved by becoming Zoo Friends members, sponsoring their favourite animals, donating to specific programs and doing things in their own lives that help wildlife conservation, and the zoo has been able to count on the support of the community of Sydney for over 92 years.”

The redevelopment of Taronga has now delivered three mega exhibits focussing on the environment at Backyard to Bush, our oceans through Great Southern Oceans and our rainforests through Wild Asia.

The Zoo’s redevelopment is also supported by the ease of access with integrated public transport ticketing used by over 50 percent of visitors, who take trains, buses and ferries to the Zoo.

Information is readily available on the zoo’s website ( where you can book a ticket, sponsor an animal or learn about the Youth at the Zoo program.

You can find the NSW Business Chamber's media release about the survey's findings at:

NSW Business Chamber's media release

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