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Taronga Zoo’s newborn male Asian Elephant calf continued to make progress overnight.

His dedicated keepers, who monitored the newborn throughout the night, were delighted that the calf has begun to suckle from his mother,Porntip, unassisted and moving around without help.

This is an encouraging sign after he survived a protracted labour before being delivered alive against the odds yesterday morning at 3.27 am.

Both he and his mother are well and will be staying in the warm barn today. The other elephants, including the Zoo’s other calf, eight-month old Luk Chai, will be in the exhibit today with access to the barn so they can spend as much time as they wish with the pair.

The Zoo’s Elephant Keepers and veterinarians will continue to monitorthe calf’s progress.

Taronga hopes to be able to provide more information later this morning at a news conference.

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