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Today, Taronga Western Plains Zoo is transferring one of the Zoo’s Giraffe to Auckland Zoo on a trip that will take approximately six days. 


Karaka, the female Giraffe who was born in 2009 at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, has been conditioned over the past couple of months to stand in the crate comfortably for her trip overseas.


The trip will involve travelling by road to Melbourne and then being loaded onto a cargo ship and going by boat across the Tasman Sea over five days before arriving in her new home of Auckland.


“Transporting Giraffe anywhere is a major logistical operation and one that the team at Taronga Western Plains Zoo has undertaken on numerous occasions,” said Senior Keeper, Pascale Benoit.


“There is a lot of planning that takes place prior to a move like this one to ensure everything goes to plan during the trip,” said Pascale.


Taronga Western Plains Zoo Keeper Roger Brogan and Veterinary Officer Alisa Wallace will accompany the Giraffe on its trip to New Zealand. 


“Karaka will undergo a 30 day quarantine period on arrival in Auckland before being introduced to her new herd,” said Pascale.


“The Zoo’s successful breeding program means that we are able to transfer Giraffe to other Zoos in Australia and New Zealand in order to assist in developing greater genetic diversity in the zoo based populations,” said Pascale.


Karaka is being transferred to Auckland Zoo to join their breeding program.  Taronga Western Plains Zoo currently has 12 Giraffe in its breeding herd and three males on the African Savannah.

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