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Mopani and Likewizi

Mopani the White Rhino is enjoying the company of a new companion following the arrival of Likewizi, a female White Rhino from Werribee Zoo, Victoria.

Likewizi was originally from Taronga Western Plains Zoo and was transferred to Werribee Zoo in 1989.  She has now made the trip back to Dubbo to join the Zoo’s resident female White Rhino, Mopani.  Following their initial introduction the two Rhinos have been getting along famously, which keepers expected. 

The introduction was carefully planned out and allowed Likewizi time to get to know her new surroundings and the Rhino complex before being introduced to Mopani. 

Likewizi and Mopani will remain together now full time and in approximately six months keepers will introduce a bull for breeding.