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24 Feb 2009 

Sumatran Tiger pair, Isha meaning 'one who protects' and Satu meaning 'number one' in Indonesian

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Zoo keepers have welcomed the arrival of two Sumatran Tigers who travelled from Victoria late last year to take up residency in Dubbo at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

The Sumatran Tiger pair, Isha meaning 'one who protects' and Satu meaning 'number one' in Indonesian, are brother and sister and were born at Melbourne Zoo.  Since arriving the pair has completed the required quarantine period and are now out on exhibit together, to the delight of visitors.

"Isha and Satu have settled in well, they have been exploring their new surrounds and getting to know their new keepers," said keeper Monique Counihan.

"Isha is definitely a princess but is also very intelligent while her brother is very confident, especially when there is food involved."

Both Isha and Satu are two years old and while Satu will remain at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Isha will eventually move to Wellington Zoo in New Zealand later this year.

"Currently visitors to the zoo can see the pair on exhibit together which is rare as Sumatran Tigers are solitary animals.  Because they are young and siblings they enjoy each others company and will remain on exhibit together until Isha moves," said Monique.

Don't forget the Zoo's still offering half price one day entry for Central NSW residents.  All you need to do is show proof of residency with photo identification on arrival. For full terms and conditions and a list of Council areas that apply visit

Sumatran Tiger Panthera tigris: The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of the tiger sub species and are normally solitary but during mating season they are often seen together.  They live in the jungle and rainforests were their smaller size allows for easy movement through the dense forest.  Sumatran Tigers are considered critically endangered with the two main threats being habitat destruction and poaching. 

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is open everyday from 9am - 4pm (exit gates close at 5pm).  For more information contact 02 6881 1400 or visit

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