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About 30 motorcyclists from the Harley Owners’ Group presented a cheque for $1123.00 to the Taronga Foundation continuing their 20 year Wedgetail Eagle sponsorship

The cheque was presented to the Zoo’s Bird Show keepers at Taronga’s QBE Free Flight Bird Show by members, friends and family on Sunday 3rd May 2009 where they met Nonami, the Wedgetail Eagle. The HOGs chose a ZooParent Sponsorship for the Wedgetail Eagle as this inspirational bird is also their club emblem.

ZooParent Manager, Claire Mawdsley, said: “The Independent Harley Owner's Group has been sponsoring Taronga's Wedgetail Eagles since 1989, with this year marking the 20th Anniversary of them being a Zoo Parent. The longevity of their sponsorship and support to Taronga Zoo is a remarkable achievement”. Their generosity provides our animals with the on-going support and development required to maintain their growth, the expansion of their enclosures and help ensure their survival for future generations.

It has been an annual tradition that members of this group enjoy a family day at the Zoo. They watch the QBE Free Flight Bird Show and present their sponsorship cheque to the keepers at the conclusion of the show. About 40 members were expected at the Show, and afterwards enjoyed a photo opportunity with Nonami, the Wedgetail Eagle. Some members of the group were photographed with Nonami when they made an early visit on Friday.May 1 to see their revered sponsored animal.

The Harley Owner’s Group will be one of the first Zoo Parents to be inducted into the ‘Zoo Parent Loyalty Club’ to be launched at Taronga Zoo later this year. This club will acknowledge the longstanding supporters of Taronga’s Zoo Parent program, some of who have been sponsoring for over 30 years.

The Wedgetail Eagle is Australia’s largest bird of prey and one of the largest eagles in the world. Females are larger, usually weighing up to 4.2kg while the males’ weight peaks around 3.2 kg. The Wedgetail Eagle is found throughout mainland Australia, Tasmania and southern New Guinea, from sea level to alpine regions in the mountains. It prefers wooded and forested land and open country..

The Wedgetail Eagle is one the world’s most common large eagles, although in Tasmania it is thought to be endangered with less than 100 breeding pairs remaining. Taronga Zoo has two Wedgetail Eagles, Jack and Nonami, which can be seen in the QBE Free Flight Bird Show as important ambassadors for their species.

Zoo Parent is the Taronga Conservation Society Australia’s animal sponsorship program where individuals, families, clubs, groups, schools and organisations can sponsor their favourite animal by becoming a Zoo Parent. Zoo Parent sponsorship is 100% tax deductible. All Zoo Parents receive a certificate, the quarterly Zoonooz magazine, Enooz email updates, and information about your sponsored animal. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the satisfaction of knowing that your tax deductible donation is making a real difference to their environment. And for every $1 donated, the NSW State Government contributes a further $3, so your contribution becomes even more valuable. Please visit or call 1300 369 116 for more information about Zoo Parent.

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