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Taronga Western Plains Zoo responsibly manages its antelope herds to avoid inbreeding by periodically introducing new bloodlines and re-homing animals that have already bred.

In order to ensure community expectations for animal care are met, the transfer of animals from the zoo to private organisations or individuals was recently suspended pending an evaluation of transfer arrangements.

The zoo was asked to provide the Government with a full report about its animal transfer arrangements including what further animal welfare protections should be put in place.

The animal transfer policy now required a 44 -point inspection of properties that are being considered to receive zoo animals where they are not members of zoo associations with mandatory welfare standards.

New animal transfer agreements also ensure ongoing high standards of care for transferred animals and their progeny including accommodation, diet, husbandry standards and access to veterinary care.

Regardless of the existence of commercial breeding of antelope in NSW, zoo animals will never be sold and only the costs of actual transfers will be recovered.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has never and would never provide animals for the purposes of hunting anywhere in the world.

The new arrangements take effect immediately.

Review of Animal Transactions

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