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EnergyAustralia will be hosting an interactive activity trail promoting energy efficiency at Taronga Zoo these October school holidays.

The EnergyAustralia Power Walk is a hands-on activity trail that features a makeshift wind farm, shower challenge and touch screens for families and kids.

EnergyAustralia energy efficiency expert, Paul Myors, said energy efficiency is about taking simple steps everyday to reduce energy use.

“The activity walk helps teach families and kids about the importance of energy efficiency,” Mr Myors said.
“Cutting energy waste is often simply about developing good habits at home and by teaching kids we can hopefully stop bad habits from forming in the first place.

“Whether it's switching off lights in unoccupied rooms, closing the fridge door, or switching off computers and games consoles when not in use, using energy wisely can result in savings in our energy bills and greenhouse emissions.”

EnergyAustralia’s Power Walk Packs are made from recycled material and contain an activity booklet, pencil and activity sheet. The packs are available throughout October at the Zoo’s Main Entrance.

EnergyAustralia proudly sponsors the Great Southern Oceans mega-exhibit which is home to the Zoo’s marine wildlife.

Great Southern Oceans focuses on educating visitors about marine conservation and climate change issues through interactive experiences highlighting the natural habitats and behaviours of marine mammals and birds.

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