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Project Platypus June 2012

Over 130 students will join Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Project Platypus as it continues to raise awareness and support for Platypus in the western region in its second year.

“The program has been so popular since it commenced in 2011. Over 530 students have already taken part and become ambassadors for this amazing Australian animal,” said Senior Education Officer, Kristy Robberts.

The Project Platypus field day at Sandy Beach on the Macquarie River is a great opportunity for the students to get involved in a hands-on outdoor classroom.  It allows them to get a better understanding about habitat requirements for the Platypus, threats to the species and river health issues.

“Today, the students will participate in water quality testing, Aboriginal education workshops, fisheries information sessions and tree planting, learning more about the Platypus and the importance of conserving this species,” said Kristy.

“Following the field day students will continue to participate in the project through curriculum-based subjects.  The project will culminate with an expo day in June, where the students will share their knowledge.” 

“Project Platypus not only helps Platypus populations which call the region home but also promotes the protection of the entire Macquarie River system which benefits a large number of species,” said Kristy.

Project Platypus is a community conservation education project that aims to support Platypus populations that live in the NSW’s western region.  The project aims to encourage students to help people understand what needs to be done for Platypus. It puts the kids in charge of getting people to think differently and change what they do in and around our rivers.

Project Platypus is a Taronga Western Plains Zoo initiative in partnership with Central West Catchment Authority, River Smart, Department of Primary Industries, Dubbo Field Naturalist Society, Dubbo Bushcare Group and Dubbo City Council. 

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