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Lima's 1st birthday

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s most vocal residents, the Siamang Apes have something more to sing about as Lima the baby of the group turned one on 15 June 2013.

To mark the occasion keepers have created a special birthday surprise for Lima and his parents Puteri and Saudara to share.

“The birthday present contains all of the Siamangs favourite treats including dried and fresh fruits,” said Keeper, Addy Watson.

“Lima is now starting to become more independent and learning all the behaviours he needs to grow into a capable young adult,” said Addy.

Over the past month the Zoo has also welcomed a Bison calf and an Addax calf.  The male Bison calf was born on 21 May 2013 and has been named Tatanka (pronounced Ta-Tonka) which is the Sioux Indian word for buffalo. The Sioux Indians lived on the Great Plains of North America and the Bison was an important animal in their culture and lives.

The female Addax calf was born on 20 May 2013 and has been named Prea meaning brave heart in an African language by her keepers.  This is the fourth calf born to the Addax herd since May 2012, Addax are critically endangered, so every birth is important and continues to develop an insurance population for the species. 

“It is great to see all the hard work paying off with not only the birth of the Bison and Addax calf but also we have welcomed Wallaby joeys, Eland calves, Barbary Sheep lambs and of course a White Rhino calf,” said Addy.

“These breeding successes are a testament to the high level of animal husbandry at the Zoo and the dedication of the keepers.”

“All of the new arrivals are on exhibit for visitors to see and with the school holidays approaching it is a great time to visit with the family,” said Addy.

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