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Sebastian Chabal meets Yindi the Koala

Sebastian Chabal meets Yindi the Koala

French Rugby Union’s Sebastien Chabal known by all as ‘The Caveman’ came to Taronga Zoo today to fulfil a wish to meet some of Australia’s native wildlife. 

Big and bearded, ‘The Caveman’ is in Sydney to play with Sydney Balmain Football Club for a special game on the 25th of February, but with the summer sun shining and ‘the Caveman’ wearing the appropriate Australian footwear , a pair of thongs, Chabal came to the Zoo to meet some wildlife icons.

Zoo Keeper Farley introduced Taronga’s  11 year old female Koala, Yindi, at the Zoo’s Education Centre. Yindi looked on as Chabal, a ferocious player on the field,  asked lots of questions and proved to be a gentle giant in his wild encounter.

Farley also took Chabal to meet and feed Autumn the Quokka which gobbled its food from the big footballer’s hand. While he sat on the ground feeding the wallaby, Penny the Red Kangaroo joey hopped over, and an inquisitive emu which didn’t want to miss out, came by to meet Chabal and eat some food from his hand too. 

Despite his self-confessed lack of English, the wild animals seemed to understand his gestures perfectly.

The sports writers covering the visit were intrigued at the site of the terror of international football fields discovering something truly wild at Taronga.

 Media Intern, Katherine