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Regent Honeyeater from the 2013 release seen gleaning insects and drinking nectar

News from northern Victoria about Taronga Zoo’s contribution to the third release of critically endangered Regent Honeyeaters is very positive.

A big highlight was a four years old zoo-bred bird that was released in May 2010 at Chiltern, photographed alive and well almost three years on. It's the first bird sighted three years post release. It was one of seven birds that has been recorded more than one year past their release in 2010.

All the released birds have leg bands fitted and some are even fitted with small radio tracking harnesses which are monitored with the help of lots of dedicated volunteers.  The bird will continue to be observed and have settled into the National Park and its surrounds. 

The latest news from the release team is as follows:

  • 17of 17 birds with working transmitters recorded this week and all recorded daily.  
  • 10 of 18 birds with bands only or not wearing working transmitters were recorded this week.
  • 19 Regent Honeyeaters loosely grouped in the north of the National Park.
  • The 2010 release Regent Honeyeater was not recorded this week.
  • No wild Regent Honeyeaters have been recorded to date.
  • Only a very few Swift Parrots recorded in the National Park this week.
2012 released Regent Honeyeater spotted in 2013

The continued sightings of birds released in previous years and also confirmed reports of zoo-bred birds breeding in the wild are evidence of a successful program.

How you can help
If you’d like to get involved in tracking these birds register your interest with Glenn Johnson, Senior Biodiversity Officer of Department of Sustainability and Environment 02 6043 7924

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