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Addax calf - December 2013

The Addax calf that had a rocky start to life after he was orphaned at birth is continuing to progress well under the watchful eye of its keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Following some intensive treatment and care at the Wildlife Hospital the young calf named Azhar, meaning shining bright in Arabic, has now returned to the Addax herd.

Azhar is growing fast and already has small horns showing which will eventually become quite large like the adults on exhibit. He is now receiving a milk bottle feed twice a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon as the group comes into their night yard for the evening.

Since coming back to the Addax herd the calf has had gradual contact with the herd through a fence line before being introduced to the herd and spending the day permanently with the group. Some of the younger adults in the herd have taken a liking to Azhar and are accepting him into the herd which is a positive sign for keepers. They are hopeful he will continue to progress and learn the necessary behavioural skills from the other Addax.

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