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This afternoon visitors were lucky to see our two juvenile Francois Langur’s, Keo-co and Tam Dao literally hanging around their tropically-themed exhibit.

18 month old Keo-co, along with Tam Deo who turns one next month, took it in turns climbing to the top of a tall tree branch, then jumping down on to a swinging vine. While one performed these feats, the other patiently looked on, anxiously awaiting a turn.


Although there were a few thrills and spills, both seemed to be having a great time with Keo-co calling it a day when he caught himself out hanging a little too close to the waters edge, managing to leap across to firm ground.

These two juveniles play an important role for Taronga’s conservation program. There are as few as 1000 Francois Langurs in wild and Taronga is the only Zoo in Australasia to care for this highly endangered Asian Monkey. Taronga is working with other zoos globally to help ensure a future for this species.


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