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The routine morning check of the temperature and tortoise eggs in the incubator on the 19th of March revealed an amazing surprise.

Our smiles were huge as we realised that this little creature was in the process of hatching…a very special moment as this is the first Galapagos Tortoise to be hatched in Australasia.

It is incredible to think this tiny, now 92.7gram, hatchling will one day be the size of one of our adults weighing over 200kg.

At the moment the hatchling is being kept warm, in a moist environment, being given daily sun exposure and enjoying a feed of leaves, chaff and some fruit and vegetables once every three days.

This breeding success has been something that we have all been striving towards over the past 10 years and now the aim is to repeat this success again in the future.

Galapagos Tortoise hatchling

It has been an amazing experience working towards the successful breeding of Galapagos Tortoise and learning with everyone involved.

After all this time and effort, to have a hatchling appear out of the shell is just the ultimate reward for us all.

- Addy, Keeper

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