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It’s a little rainy outside today, but the animals haven’t seemed to notice.

Kambiri the Pygmy Hippo Calf
Kambiri the Pygmy Hippo goes for a morning swim.
Kambiri the Pygmy Hippo calf and her mother Petre spent most of the morning in the moat. The 35 kilo calf has found a favourite spot in the water, on the far left edge of the moat. She just won’t budge until her mother makes a small grunt to call her over.

Just across the road, the Tahr where using the overhanging rock as their shelter, while the Meerkats appeared to be taking turns in front of the infrared heat lamps.

Mr Hobbs and Victoria, the Sun Bears, where very active this afternoon. They playfully wrestled on the logs before Victoria headed inside to the warmth of her den.

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